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Perfect Picture Books

“Ready!” said Rabbit by Marjoke Henrichs (Scallywag Press)

Having had a two year old and then baby twins, I can totally relate to this story and how difficult it is to get out the door with little ones. Everything seems to take three times longer than it should and just when you think you’re finally ready, something goes wrong.

In this charming story, Rabbit and Dad are trying to get ready to go to the park. It isn’t as simple as just finding the right clothes to wear and packing a snack. There are so many things to think about and distractions along the way – they might never actually make it out the door!

Young children will love sharing this story with their families. Exclamations of “Ready!” will ring out as they giggle at Rabbit’s antics and the situations that are so similar to their own lives.

The Think-Ups by Claire Alexander (Walker Books)

In this gorgeous book, Anna and Kiki are stuck inside on a rainy day. It’s boring and there isn’t anything to do UNTIL Kiki comes up with an idea – they could play the Think-Ups! All they have to do is think up a Think-Up and it will appear!

Suddenly, the sky’s the limit and they can play with whatever they want: bunnies, a huge moose, an octopus, a koala… Before long, their Think-Ups have taken over and the house is in chaos! How will they cope?

My children would have loved this book when they were small. Big Red Bath was always a favourite and this story reminds me of that – two lovely children, a whole lot of animals and a great big mess!

Somebody Crunched Colin by Sarah Roberts & Hannah Jayne Lewin (Scholastic)

Colin, the crisp packet, doesn’t belong on the floor, in the leaves, in the water or on the shore but that’s where he keeps ending up. He’d love for someone to pick him up and give him a real purpose. Instead, he frightens and endangers small animals with a trapped paw or a face stuck tight. It seems Colin is never going to find out where he needs to be until a friendly child pops him in a special recycling bin where he can be useful once more.

The importance of picking up litter and recycling food packaging is playfully explored through Colin’s adventures. Children will learn how important it is to look after the environment and be completely engaged by the bright, fun illustrations of the animals Colin meets along the way.

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