Book Review, Young Adult

The Secrets Act by Alison Weatherby

The Secrets Act by Alison Weatherby takes readers right into the heart of codebreaking, spies and mystery at top-secret Bletchley Park during the second World War. Having visited Bletchley Park in 2019, being able to picture the mansion, cabins and even the back entrance for the motorcyclist couriers took me even deeper into the story. It was like I was there, trying to keep my own secrets, working out who can be trusted, or more importantly, who can’t.

Pearl and Ellen have been given the positions of codebreakers. Their love of puzzles and problems means they can spot codes quickly and thrive on the challenge. Having signed the Official Secrets Act, they know must not reveal anything about their work to anyone.

This is challenging when there are handsome young men around who charm them with meals out and secrets of their own. Lessons of life and love hit hard when the group discovers there is a spy among them. Someone is not telling the truth. If they don’t work out who it is, someone else is going to take the blame.

Stakes couldn’t be higher with the security of Bletchley Park, the war effort and their own lives on the line. Ellen and Pearl must push their feelings aside and look at the facts in front of them to solve the codes and protect what means the most to them.

Thank you to Laura Smythe & Chicken House Books for this fascinating story!

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