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Britannica’s 5 Minute Really True Stories for Family Time ~ Blog Tour

Britannica Books continues to publish absolutely fantastic non-fiction books for children. Britannica’s 5-Minute Really True Stories for Family Time is no exception.

Usually, a collection of short stories like this would be full of fiction – fairy tales or short adventures for families to share together. What’s so unique about this book is that it is full of engaging, factual stories that allow readers to explore and discuss the world around them. With thirty stories in all, it is one of those books to come back to again and again.

Each short story focuses on one aspect of family life. From homes and what people eat for breakfast to experiences in the outdoors, celebrations and even animal families, so much of a child’s everyday life is depicted on the brightly illustrated pages. The diversity of families around the world and their traditions is recognised and respected, sharing how families are the same and different in wonderful ways.

Although designed for families to share together, this book would also be so useful in Early Years and Key Stage One classrooms. The stories will prompt questions and discussion through comparisons and insights into ways of doing things that might be different from the children’s own families. Children will be able to relate to so much of the information, creating a personal and memorable reading experience.

Thank you to Britannica Books and Laura Smythe for this lovely book!  

Click on the covers below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon or

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