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Marvellous Middle Grade

I’ve read so many fantastic books this year. Here’s just a small selection of some that caught my eye.

The Midnight Thief by Sylvia Bishop

It all started with a bat in the attic.

Freya has always been encouraged to think and be herself. When she’s sent to a school where she doesn’t fit in, it seems everyone’s against her and there’s nothing she can do to make things right. Always observant and with a thirst for knowledge, life takes a turn for the better when she meets Daniel and Emmie – twins from the most unusual, scientific family.

Sneaking out to see her bat released into the wild seems like a great idea until some valuable statues are stolen. Freya must solve the mystery before the wrong person is blamed and even more bats are endangered.

This is a brilliant story full of snippets of animal science and an intriguing mystery.

The Night My Dream Came Alive by Juliette Forrest

It seems that everyone has the most amazing dreams. But not Ollo. She can’t dream. No matter how hard she tries, her nights are uneventful. What’s the answer? A job at the Dream Store, of course. With so much possibility in front of her, Ollo can’t resist. Will her dreams come true or will she find herself trapped in a nightmare?

This is a fun, fast-paced story about how not everything is a dream come true.

Barakah Beats by Maleeha Siddiqui

Starting at a new school is always hard. Fitting in is even harder. When Nimra moves to Farmwell Middle School for seventh grade, there’s so much to think about – what to wear, finding her lessons and keeping up with her friend, Jenna.

This is realistic fiction at its finest – everyday situations children can relate to combined with all the difficulties of growing up. Nimra is faced with the challenge of being true to herself while respecting her family and religion. She has some important decisions to make while trying not to let anyone down, including herself.

All the Better to See You by Gina Blaxill

This is no ordinary fairy tale. The big bad wolf is very real and not even Red can risk being out after dark. With a more grown-up twist on the usual story, attacks on the townspeople are becoming more frequent. The wolf has to be stopped. But when it comes right down to it, will Red be able to put an end to the danger?

This is a story for top-end middle grade and young adult readers. The danger is real and the consequences, unexpected. Readers will think twice about venturing very far from the path when they next walk in the woods.

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