Book Review, Chapter Book (7-9)

Beautiful Books by Holly Webb

Holly Webb has been writing beautiful, heart-warming stories for children since 2004. This year, she celebrates her 50th book in the Animal Stories series and continues to go from strength to strength. My daughter is a huge fan of Holly’s Wintery Tales series. She always looks forward to the next one.

This month, we’ve been thrilled to receive two gorgeous new Holly Webb books!

Star (Wintery Tales)

Holly Webb’s Wintery Tales series bring children and animals together with a magical connection.

Anna loves the snow and Christmas. When she stays the night at her Baba’s house, she learns about Christmas in Russia and how her cousins celebrate. A news report about a wild Russian tiger in the city near where their family lives and a beautiful carved, wooden tiger ornament get her thinking about what it must be like to live in a country where thick snow covers the ground and tigers run wild.

Mysteriously, Anna wakes up the next morning and nothing is as it was the night before. She’s cold and outside the window, there is snow everywhere! She is now Annushka in a Russian village and a part of her extended family. When news of the tiger reaches the family, Annushka is desperate to go out to help it.

Passionate and determined, Anna is a girl who knows her own mind. She is willing to take risks to do what she believes is right, especially if it involves helping an animal in danger. Readers will be carried along on the adventure and live each heart-stopping moment with Anna.

Once again, Britta Teckentrup’s cover art is absolutely gorgeous while the internal illustrations by Jo Anne Davies are beautifully warm, showing the special relationship between Anna and the tiger cub.

A Puppy’s First Christmas (Animal Stories)

Aria is so excited about her first Christmas with her new puppy, Jackson. She has so many plans. But when the special day arrives, Jackson gets overexcited, frightens her cousin and has to be shut out of the room. Suddenly, it’s not the perfect Christmas Aria was planning.

This sweet Chocolate Labrador puppy is lovely. He just wants to join in and doesn’t understand what he’s done wrong. Aria is torn between being with her family and looking out for her little pup.

Like the other books in this series, this story is full of situations children can relate to. With just enough adventure and peril to keep the pages turning, it takes an emergency for everyone else to realise just how special Jackson is.

Holly Webb’s books are friendly and fun. Perfect for children who are ready to devour chapter books, they contain accessible vocabulary and a straightforward plot. Young readers will experience a lot of success and finish wanting more.

Click on the book covers below to find out more or to purchase from or Amazon.

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