Book Review, Picture Books

Little Santa by Jon Agee

The nights are drawing in and Christmas is coming!

I love this charming picture book about Santa’s early days at the North Pole. As the youngest of the large Claus family, life was tough and there was much to be done but little Santa wasn’t miserable like the rest of his family. He was happy, finding fun in so many activities – including sliding down the chimney!

Everything changes when Santa’s parents decide to move the family to Florida. Before they can leave, they are trapped by a terrible blizzard. Santa to the rescue! Finally, his skills come in handy! He’s able to shimmy up the chimney and go for help. A flying reindeer, a house full of elves, a new sleigh and the rest is history.

The superb illustrations have a classic feel to them – like this story has been around since my own childhood. Santa’s red suit stands out on every page ensuring this little hero is at the centre of the story. It is so refreshing to see Santa from another perspective. Little Santa is sure to be a firm favourite in Christmas book boxes this year!

Thank you to Scallywag Press for this fun book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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