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Super Books from Scholastic – September 2021

Saving Mr Hoot

by Helen Stephens

Ben is sure he hears an owl outside his bedroom window but no one else has noticed him. Mr Hoot takes Ben’s biscuit and steals his glove but still no one believes him.

When spring comes, there are plans for tree felling in the area. Mr Hoot’s home is in danger. Ben has to convince the adults that he actually exists before it’s too late.

This is a gorgeous book for exploring animal habitats and protecting nature. Children will be encouraged to discuss their own role in conservation and how friends can come in all shapes and sizes.

Dragons Don’t Share

by Nicola Kinnear

This is a fairy tale with a twist. Ruby is a fantastic dragon. She follows the Dragon Rule Book perfectly: she’s very scary, she steals lots of treasure and she never shares her treasure with anyone. She lives in her cave with her huge hoard but she has a problem – she’s lonely.

Then, one day, she drops her rule book and all the rules wash away. Ruby can’t remember what she’s supposed to do to be a good dragon. With the help of some new friends, they rewrite the rules. But can a dragon change?

This is such an appealing book with a gorgeous little dragon. Her cave full of treasure is amazing with opportunity to spot objects from other fairy tales. Young readers will be rooting for Ruby, wanting her to change her ways and make friends. The Pegasus and goose who help Ruby are perfect models of caring and forgiveness. This is sure to be a story children will come back to again and again.

The Secret Forest

by Sandra Dieckmann

The Secret Forest is a beautiful hardback book that encourages young readers to go out into the woods and spend some time watching, waiting and spotting the wonders of nature.

There is so much that goes on in the forest that humans are rarely privileged enough to see. This book takes children there. With gentle questions to prompt exploration of every page, they will be able to search and find among the gorgeous illustrations learning so much about the animals in the process.

The back of the book contains fact files about the animals that live in the forest. Children will love using this book to find out about specific animals or just to spend some quiet time in the woods.

All About Diwali: Things to Make and Do

by Swapna Haddow

This fun activity book contains everything you need to plan a fun, meaningful topic on Diwali at school or to create exciting activities at home with children to mark this special day. With legends, celebrations, traditions, background about Diwali in different religions, recipes and crafts, there is something for everyone.

The back of the book is a lovely “My Diwali” journal where children can keep a record of their goals and special memories.

The Best Diwali Ever

by Sonali Shah & Chaaya Prabhat

The Best Diwali Ever is a beautiful, family-centred picture book capturing the excitement of children on special days. Ariana enjoys everything about Diwali and can’t wait to start all of her wonderful family traditions. She loves eating sweets, making divas, wearing pretty clothes, watching fireworks and, most of all, taking part in the rangoli competition.

She just has one problem – her three-year-old brother who gets into everything and messes things up. But like most families, all is soon forgiven and celebrating together becomes more important than the mishaps along the way. These important times full of smiles, laughter and fun are what memories are made of.

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