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Rock and Roll by Hazel Terry

Rock and Roll is a unique picture book that children will treasure. Celebrating the beauty of the world, it shows the value of a lifelong friendship and how elements of life are so intricately connected.

Two boulders stand strong year in and year out. Over time, the seasons change, and eventually, people come. They leave behind flags, cairns, rope and bunting – like jewellery for the two stones. This sparks jealousy between the two, fracturing their relationship and ultimately, fracturing them. A mighty storm develops causing them to roll, fall and break into pieces. Thankfully, all of their arguments roll away too and they learn to be happy again.

Stunning illustrations and colours cover every page, portraying the two boulders in every weather and mood. Badges of the passage of time – intricate fossils – pattern their surfaces emphasising their link to everything else in nature. These fossil patterns are explained at the back of the book, bringing another element to the story.

There is so much scope for discussion with Rock and Roll.  Teachers and parents will be able to guide children to think carefully about jealousy, times when life is unfair, and conflict. The personification of the boulders allows children to take a step back from their own experiences and advise the rocks instead. This is a fantastic book for PSHE lessons across the primary age range.

Thank you to Tiny Owl for this special book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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