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The Happy Three Lions by Louise Fatio & Roger Duvoisin

First published in 1954, The Three Happy Lions is an honest, appealing picture book that feels as fresh as when it was first written. The classic illustrations remind me so much of books I enjoyed as a child and transport me back to the safe, comfortable feeling of being in my primary school library.

Sprinkled with French vocabulary and culture, this lovely book gives young readers a real flavour of a cross-cultural story.

The lions are proud new parents with a sweet baby cub. As he gets bigger and explores the world, they wonder what he will become that will make him happy when he’s grown up. Together, they investigate all the possible jobs for a little lion and the characteristics that match each.

When the lion cub sets off into the world, he tries all sorts of things. He’s a pet for a rich lady – it goes so well until he grows too big. Then he joins the circus but he’s just not ferocious enough. He struggles to find the perfect fit. In the end he realises that he hasn’t really been failing – each attempt is another step along the road to finding out what makes him truly happy.

Finding happiness in what we do is such an important message for everyone. Young readers will see that there isn’t one future that’s right for everyone – we need to take our own path and be true to ourselves.

Thank you to Scallywag Press & Laura Smythe PR for this charming book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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