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Does a Bear Poo in the Woods by Jonny Leighton & Mike Byrne

There’s nothing quite like toilet humour to grab children’s attention and take them on a hilarious journey through a story bursting with gorgeous woodland animals.

Barry is an incredibly shy bear who lives in the woods. All he wants is a private place to do his “first job of the day” but the other animals just won’t leave him alone. With catchy rhymes, endless turns of phrase for the different animals needing to answer the call of nature, and brilliant illustrations bursting with expression and personality, young readers will be carried along with Barry on his quest for some alone time.

Woodpeckers let fly, skunks give off bottom burps and the moose… his face says it all. Finally, Brenda Bigpaw, a friendly bear, sorts out Barry. She gives him some advice that will solve all his problems – he needs to go to the quiet, lonely cabin in the woods. It seems too good to be true until yet another creature disturbs Barry on his “poo throne”.

This hilarious story will have children shouting “Again, Again!!!” It is sure to be a school and bedtime favourite. I know my own children would have loved this when they were small – in fact my eleven-year-old just walked by, took a look at the cover and grinned cheekily to himself. Sometimes, you’re never too old for just the right picture book!

Thank you to Buster Books for this fantastic book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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