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Jazz Dog: Follow the Music of Your Heart by Marie Voigt

Jazz Dog is a new twist on the classic battle of dogs vs cats with a whole lot of heart! This charming little dog doesn’t like rock music like the other dogs do. Instead, he loves jazz. He doesn’t fit in and just doesn’t feel right until he discovers cat music. Suddenly, everything makes sense and he just might have found his place in the world.  Unfortunately, the cats don’t accept him either. He’s laughed at, bullied and rejected by everyone all for trying to be true to himself.

Jazz Dog longs for harmony and a world where everyone is united in a common music. He is a wonderful role model for how to be brave and carry one with what’s in your heart – what’s right for you – no matter what anyone else says. In the end, he realises that he isn’t actually like anyone else but truly himself with a unique sound all his own. Themes of friendship, kindness and acceptance fill the pages with a really lovely message for readers.

Marie Voigt’s gorgeous illustrations complement the story with characters that leap off the page with personality and a sassiness only musicians can pull off! I’d love to go on more adventures with this cool cast.

Thank you to Oxford Children’s for this story that absolutely sings!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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