Middle Grade Fiction

Hilarious Hijinks & Laugh-Out-Loud Adventures for Middle Grade Readers

The Monster Spotter’s Handbook by Matt Cherry (Firefly Press)

Edwin Spook is the last of the Monster Spotters. He thinks a monster is the best thing since toasted bread and loves to live dangerously.

Duke is the last of the Monster Catchers. He does all he can to trap four very special monsters who represent everything that’s important in the monster world: heart, knowledge, trust and soul.

Edwin must use all of his courage and keen observation skills to rescue the trapped monsters and unite the monster word.

Full of brilliantly fun illustrations that intertwine with a laugh-out loud story of hijinks and adventure, The Monster Spotter’s Handbook will grab younger readers’ attention and leave them spotting monsters everywhere. Fans of Pokemon will particularly love the wide variety of crazy creatures inside the pages of this fun story.

Maddy Yip’s Guide to Life by Sue Cheung (Andersen Press)

Maddy Yip is just an average kid with an average family in an average neighbourhood. But Maddy doesn’t want to be average – she wants to be talented. Every day, she has to contend with a “too cool” older brother and the “evil twins” her mum looks after at their house. Life throws her challenge after challenge as she tries to find out what her special talent might be.

With page-turning hilarity, Maddy is a brilliantly fun character kids will identify with. Being silly and enjoying life is the norm, even when the school guinea pig goes missing and the twins cause yet another disaster!

The engaging illustrations and appealing story are the perfect combination!

Bin Boy by Tom Vaughn & Emma McCann (Scholastic)

10 year-old Billy Benbow’s life is anything but normal. Not only does he have to try to deal with the loss of his dad, but his mum has married a man he just doesn’t trust.

When his step-dad takes them on holiday to a hollowed-out volcano lair, Billy starts to get suspicious. His step-dad is not just a regular step-parent villain, he’s a real-life super villain with an evil plan! With the help of his best friend, Viv, Billy must save not only his family, but the entire world!

In a hilarious, action-packed sequence of events, Billy accidentally turns into Bin Boy! Has this super villain met his match?

Themes of blended families, grief and bullying are carefully curated within all the things kids love. Pizza, fizzy drinks, super hackers and even a souped-up purple Concorde provide Billy with everything he needs to save they day. As he grows in confidence and takes control of his life, Billy realises that he can make a difference and become the hero he always was inside.

Click on the covers below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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