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Books about Saving Turtles and Protecting Oceans

Turtle Rescue by Jonny Marx & illustrated by Xuan Lee

Turtle Rescue is a fun story packed full of information about protecting oceans and the animals who live there. Fact meets fiction as Flora and Fauna, a marine biologist adventurer and an inventor, go on holiday by the sea. Locals cleaning up the beach need their help to protect species in danger. After their little boat is blown about in the ocean, they spot a small island and decide to explore. They find some fascinating tracks and are privileged to witness turtles heading to the sea and swimming away in the moonlight.

With gorgeous fold-out spreads, captivating illustrations and so much detail, readers won’t want to put it down!

Little Turtle and the Sea by Becky Davies & illustrated by Jennie Poh

Little Turtle and the Sea is a wonderful picture book following Little Turtle on her journey from her nest across the sea to the other side of the world. The ocean was her friend. Each year, she took the journey back to the beach where she was born. As she grew, her love of the ocean grew too. One day, the ocean was different. The lovely place was now full of unusual new creatures – rubbish that was ugly and dangerous. Strange figures came to help and make the ocean beautiful again.

Through these stories, children will see the impact of plastic pollution on the ocean and the animals who live there. They are powerful stories of survival and explore how humans can make a difference – we can harm but we can also help. It’s up to us! Reading these two books together allow children to look at the issue from multiple points of view, developing empathy and understanding.

Thank you to Little Tiger for these fantastic books!

Click on the covers below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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