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The Invisible by Tom Percival

February 2021

The Invisible is a beautiful and powerful story of identify and sense of self. Everyone is someone and everyone is important. This is a wonderful picture book for building empathy and helping young readers to understand issues of poverty and valuing each individual.

Isabel always notices the beautiful things in life. She is visible and vibrant. Despite life being hard, her family have everything they need – each other. When money gets too tight, her world changes and her family are forced to leave their home for a small flat in another part of town. She soon realises that life has turned cold, sad and lonely. No one seems to see her – she has become invisible.

Isabel makes an important choice – to be make a difference to herself, to others, to her community and to the world. Through an honest and empathetic portrayal of a very real issue, young readers will see that everyone deserves to be seen and valued.

Thank you to Simon & Schuster Children’s Books and NetGalley for this important book!

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