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Developing Reading Comprehension Skills: Classic Children’s Literature, Years 5-6 by Kate Heap

I’m thrilled to introduce my first reading comprehension book for children in Key Stage Two. This resource for teachers and parents introduces children to a variety of texts from the world of classic children’s literature. They are given opportunities to tackle more complex vocabulary, develop endurance for longer passages and practise each of the eight Reading Content Domain question types. With ideas for how to use the texts in class and tips for developing comprehension skills, this book is suitable for new and recently qualified teachers as well as more experienced teachers looking to expand the range of texts they provide. It is also great for parents wanting to help their children practise their reading comprehension skills at home.

The second book in the series, Classic Poetry for Years 5-6, is available now from Brilliant Publications in e-book and physical book formats and will be available through other outlets soon.

Classic Children’s Literature is available to order in both e-book and physical book format from Brilliant Publications.

Click on the covers below to order from Amazon.

Classic Children’s Literature

Classic Poetry

Classic Literature is also available from Waterstones on-line.

Watch for the full series of eight books coming soon.

Developing Reading Comprehension Skills series:

Classic Children’s Literature, Years 5-6

Classic Poetry, Years 5-6

Classic Children’s Literature, Years 3-4

Classic Poetry, Years 3-4

Contemporary Fiction, Years 5-6

Contemporary Fiction, Years 3-4

Non-fiction, Years 5-6

Non-fiction, Years 3-4

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