Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

The Island That Didn’t Exist by Joe Wilson

Right from the start, The Island That Didn’t Exist is full of fast-paced action! Twelve-year-old Rixon is shocked when his Great Uncle Sylvester leaves him something in his will – an island that can only be found on an ancient map! Does it actually exist? And, more importantly, how can he get there?!

Rixon is determined to find his island and find out what this mysterious uncle was up to. When his mum finally takes him to the coast, Rixon takes a risk and grabs his chance to explore. As he heads out across the waves, he has no idea what he about to come across!

This story is full of excitement. Readers will love the thrilling turn of events as Rixon discovers what really happens on Splinter Island. Community, survival and a great sense of adventure take over. As he discovers the truth, it becomes clear that you can’t always trust adults and that the power of kids reigns supreme!

Thank you to Oxford University Press for this exciting adventure!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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