Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

The Baboon with the Golden Bum by Jed Lynch & illustrated by Stephen Stone

The Baboon with the Golden Bum is a funny, action-packed mystery with a dark, “film noir” detective feel. Seamus, a turkey detective, is the head of the Free Range Detective Agency. His dry comments, clever sarcasm and random musings lift this story to the next level of children’s detective parodies.

Seamus has had no cases for three months when a toad arrives at his door with a strange proposition. Right from the start, Seamus has a bad feeling about this case and the bizarre business-monkey, Frank Bloombum. There have been security breaches in his top-secret enterprise printing money for the government. It is up to Seamus to identify the suspects and solve the case.

This story is full of edge-of -your-seat excitement, near death experiences and serious business. Who is telling the truth? Who has something to hide? Readers must keep their eyes open for clues and try to solve the crime before Seamus ends up in real trouble. The Baboon with the Golden Bum has all the ingredients of a great detective story in which everyone is trying to outwit everyone else. Sometimes the answer isn’t at all what you expect!

Thank you to Little Island Books for this fun book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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