Book Review, Poetry

A New Kind of Normal by School Poet

A New Kind of Normal is an interactive performance poem aimed at helping children deal with the Coronavirus pandemic.

Engaging and fun, the five sections of the poem move through the different thoughts and feelings many children have experienced over the past months. Discussion prompts after each section provide an opportunity to delve deeper into the words and explore what it means to individuals.

The poem leaves readers with the positives of the pandemic and lockdown:

The Power of Community

The Importance of the Planet

The Strength Within Us

There is so much in this poem worth exploring with children. Everyone will be able to identify with the feelings of anxiety and the unknown as well as wonder about what our “new normal” will be like going forward. It is important for children to have opportunities to share their thoughts and feelings about Coronavirus and this poem is a great jumping off point for those discussions.

A download of the poem is available at

An animation of the poem with five lessons plans is also available for purchase.

Thank you to @School_Poet for this inspirational poem!

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