Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

The Midnight Swan by Catherine Fisher

It is an absolute pleasure to be a part of the blog tour for the highly anticipated final book in the Clockwork Crow trilogy!

It’s the Summer Fair! At first, Seren is distracted by the worries of her dear friend, the Crow, but she and Tomos are soon completely enthralled by all of the amazing sights, sounds and smells that fill their senses. They want to see and do everything – except try the wooden roundabout with horses gently rising up and down. It reminds them too much of the magical carousel in book two! As Seren explores the fair, she comes across a small, dark alleyway. There she finds a stall laden with wonderful objects. She can’t help but pick up an unusual box with a picture of a black swan wearing a diamond necklace and the mysterious words, “If you can open My closed lid, Your heart’s desire Inside is hid.” It will be the perfect gift for the Clockwork Crow so Seren decides to purchase the box. At that moment, everything changes.

The Midnight Swan is a story full of powerful magic, daring quests, great sacrifice and true friendship. The truth about the Clockwork Crow is finally revealed leaving Seren and Tomos with an incredible task. Will they be able to solve the puzzles and face their fears in order to protect their home and each other? All the while, They are trying to find a way into the house and steal what they most desire: the Tylwyth Teg, Welsh fairy folk, want nothing more than a human child and treasure. They will do anything to capture one of the children and take them into their own world.

Seren’s life is full of questions: Will the Crow ever become human again? What does her future hold? Will she be able to stay at Plas-y-fran or will she be sent away? Will They come for the children again? Is she safe? What does she truly desire? This determined, clever girl pushes all concern for herself aside as she uses her cunning to help those most dear to her. Her loyalty and strength make her a fantastic heroine.

The Midnight Swan is an incredibly satisfying, layered conclusion to an outstanding trilogy of magic and folklore. With a pen that writes itself, a magical Midsummer Ball, birds who speak in riddles and the ultimate sacrifice in friendship, this is a story of suspense and wonder. Readers will be glued to its pages as they journey with Seren, Tomos and the Clockwork Crow right to the very end.

Thank you to Firefly Press for this wonderful book!

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