Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

The Night Bus Hero by Onjali Q. Rauf

Review by Lucy, age 10

I love Onjali Q. Rauf’s books because they are about kids helping fix the problems around the world. They inspire young people to look around to see who they can help to be happier and safer with their families. The Night Bus Hero is one of these amazing books that is about a boy who helps save the day for a lot of people with his “frienemy”  by his side.

Hector is a bully and is always being mean to people including a homeless man called Thomas. Mei-Li, the teacher’s pet, takes him to a soup kitchen where they help homeless people and that was when he realises he is all wrong. When priceless statues go missing, he is determined to work out who did it and stop the blame getting placed on homeless men.

This book is about caring for other people no matter where they live, what they eat or who they are. Hector learns that he shouldn’t blame people for things they didn’t do and help the people who need it the most. He decides that even if his two bully friends, Katie and Will, aren’t his friends anymore, it doesn’t matter because he has Thomas.

I think that kids in Key Stage Two, high school and adults will love this book just like I did since it is a fairly easy read but still has a lot of meaning and content.

This is an important book because it tells readers that it doesn’t matter if people are homeless or different; they are still people who should be taken care of. It also tells readers that you should help people who are homeless or poor to get some shelter, food and drink.

I think everyone should read this book so that more and more people can learn about how important it is to look after the people of the world.

Thank you to NetGalley & Hatchette Children’s Books for this brilliant book!

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