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School for Nobodies by Susie Bower

School for Nobodies is one of those books that forces you to stop and think once you’ve finished reading it. There are so many layers of meaning and symbolism that come together in the final scenes bringing the story to an intense and powerful conclusion.

Flynn is adopted. Her “parents” refuse to talk about her early life, where she came from or how she ended up with a large burn that covers most of her face. Flynn hates her life and when she discovers she might have a twin, she is determined to find her. Eventually, Flynn behaves badly enough to be sent away to boarding school but it is not as she hopes. Trapped in a school for misfits and stripped of any identify she might have had, Flynn must try to escape to continue her quest.

Flynn has always loved the circus but been forbidden to even talk about it. At the Cruet Establishment for Lost and Wayward Children, she has the chance to pursue her dream of becoming an acrobat. Lessons of the circus such as trust, looking after each other and recognising that everyone is afraid of something come through as Flynn and her group of unusual new friends try to find out who they truly are and the kinds of people they can become. Strength, sacrifice and bravery are key to discovering the life they deserve.

The power of twins, family and love reaches through the pages of this book like the roots of the trees Flynn loves so much. They become stronger with time and anchor the children in who they really are. Flynn must decide if she is running to the family she dreams of or if she is actually running away from the new family she’s found at the School for Nobodies.

Thank you to Pushkin Press for this incredible book!

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