Book Review, Picture Books

Afraid of the Dark by Sarah Shaffi and Isabel Otter & illustrated by Lucy Farfort

Afraid of the Dark is a story with which so many children can identify. Amy is moving to a new house. She’s worried and unsure about this new start. No matter what, it just doesn’t feel like home. Her new room is strange and scary. There are unusual sounds and monsters in the dark. During the day, Dad does everything he can to ease her fears and make her feel better. She meets some new friends who show her that playing in the dark can be fun and Dad’s story of a cloak of stars to keep her safe makes her feel more confident. Soon, the nights are less scary and everything is ok.

This is an excellent story for comforting little readers who are facing big changes. I love how the library is a place of safety and books are a wonderful distraction. It also reassures children that worries are normal and encourages them to turn to the adults in their life whenever they feel afraid. It emphasises that familiar adults can be trusted to help children find ways to feel better.

Thank you to Little Tiger Press for this lovely book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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