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The Tigers in the Tower by Julia Golding

Lose yourself in the rich symbolism and powerful messages of The Tigers in the Tower by Julia Golding. Sahira faces the jungle of Georgian London with no one but two majestic Indian tigers. Having lost her parents to fever on the treacherous sea voyage from Calcutta to London, Sahira must fend for herself and fight to protect these beautiful big cats. A ghost of former self, she must face loss, grief, loneliness and rejection as those around her try to whitewash her appearance and force her to deny her treasured mixed heritage.

Sahira’s father was transporting the tigers to the King’s Royal Menagerie in the Tower of London – a wondrous collection of creatures never before seen in England. When she is separated from her feline friends, Sahira does all she can to be with them and protect them from the dangers that lie ahead. These tigers are her family, her home and everything that is important to her. With an unlikely collection of new friends, Sahira defies everyone who stands in her way to fight for what she believes is right.

The language of this story is truly magical. With subtle references to the great poem The Tyger by William Blake, readers are immersed in the value of literature and poetry. Words memorised can never be taken away and Sahira clings to the strength of language and story her parents instilled in her when she was young. The imagery of animals, and tigers specifically, is absolutely beautiful and speaks deeply to those who commune with cats.

The Tigers in the Tower is a wonderful story about fitting in and finding your place in the world while staying true to yourself. It teaches readers to be confident and strong even in the most difficult situations and to trust their instincts about what is right and who they are. Everyone is important and everyone’s story is valuable. Sahira shows us that strength comes from within and our past pushes us forwards into a positive future. Like a tiger, her quiet strength, determination and focus lead her to the place where she belongs.

Thank you to Julia Golding and Lion Hudson Publishing for this beautiful book!

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Our Tigers

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