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The Littlest Yak by Lu Fraser & illustrated by Kate Hindley

The Littlest Yak is absolutely delightful! Gertie the Great is the sweetest little yak with big dreams. She is tiny but capable of so much. Like many little ones, she longs to be grown-up and able to do grown-up things. “There isn’t any Bigness in me!” she sighs. Gertie even goes so far as to devise a growing-up plan. Stuck in her smallness, she needs reassurance that she doesn’t need to be in a rush to grow up. Then, one day, there is an emergency that only Gertie can help with. She discovers that everyone can find their bigness inside and help in their own special way.

This lovely story that will prompt so many discussions about what it means to be big and everything we are capable of. Children will love to talk about all the things they can do that grown-ups can’t as they realise that being small is pretty great and there is plenty of time to be grown-up later. I always tell my children that we’ll find our way to Neverland one of these days so they don’t have to grow up. This is a story that champions that point of view in an incredibly gorgeous way!

This is a book to share again and again. My own children would have adored this when they were small (and it still brings a smile to their “getting bigger” faces). It would find a very happy home in any primary school library or bedroom bookshelf. With wonderful use of rhyme, alliteration and superlatives, EYFS and Key Stage One teachers are sure to snap it up to use with their classes while Key Stage Two teachers will delight in the language play and clever use of hyphenated words. There is so much inside!

Thank you to NetGalley & Simon and Schuster Children’s Books for this sweet book! It will definitely be on my Christmas list for the little ones in my life!

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