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A Day in the Life of a Poo, a Gnu and You by Mike Barfield & illustrated by Jess Bradley

A Day in the Life of a Poo, a Gnu and You really is a laugh-out-loud guide to life on Earth! This accessible and engaging non-fiction book draws readers in from the very first page. With brilliant illustrations and suitably gross content (nits, wart and pimples to name a few), readers will want to pick it up and read all of the fascinating facts within.  The information included is perfect for primary school with topics linked to many areas of the science and geography curriculum.  All sorts of aspects of nature have been personified to tell their own story in a funny, cool way.

The comic-style pages are divided into three sections: Human Body, Animal Kingdom & Earth and Science (including space, plants, weather and rocks). There are three types of pages that are packed full of facts. Comics show “A Day in the Life” of something from nature, the “Bigger Picture” pages include more information and diagrams, while “Secret Diaries” provide special inside information. This book is incredibly interesting and the engaging vocabulary does not shy away from specific scientific terminology.   

Children will be fighting over this book. It is an absolute must-have for every primary class library!

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Thank you to Buster Books for this fun book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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