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It’s Only One by Tracey Corderoy & illustrated by Tony Neal

Life in Sunnyville is perfect – the neighbours are friendly, people are courteous and everywhere is lovely and clean. Then one day, Rhino drops a sweet wrapper. It’s only one piece of litter but it makes a BIG difference. Soon everyone is dropping “only one” and the town changes. Next, giraffe picks “only one” flower and penguin plays “only one” loud piece of music. Eventually, the animals all realise that if everyone does “only one”, it soon adds up and they don’t like what their lovely town has become.

This engaging picture book is full of valuable lessons about community and caring for the environment. Readers learn about being considerate and taking responsibility for their actions to help care for their surroundings. If everyone is thoughtful and looks after our world, it will remain a nice place to live. With opportunities to discuss different types of pollution and how our surroundings make us feel, this beautiful story is a gold mine of chances to discuss how we have “only one” planet and we must look after it. The discussion points at the end will help adults to guide children through important conversations and prompt more discussion about the themes of the book.

It’s Only One reminded me of so many of the conversations we have with our Brownie unit (Girlguiding). Their Brownie promise says, “I promise to serve the Queen and my community” while their Law states that a Brownie Guide “thinks of others before herself and does a good turn every day.” We teach the girls about the Country Code and how to leave a place better than how they found it. I know they will love this book and it will become a really helpful part of our programme.

Thank you to Little Tiger Press for this fantastic book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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