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The World Made a Rainbow by Michelle Robinson & illustrated by Emily Hamilton

The World Made a Rainbow is an incredibly beautiful book for our times. Published in 2020 for the children of 2020, it is a story families will relate to and be able to look back on in years to come as a reminder of how we all coped with lockdown. The Covid19 pandemic and its social restrictions have been difficult for everyone but especially for young children who don’t fully understand why they have to stay home and how the normal world seems to have stopped.

In this story, all the world has to stay home for a while – until everything mends. No one is sure just how long that will be. It’s as if life as we know it has been paused. The little girl and her family mirror so much of what has been going on around the country over the past six months: she misses her friends, Mum has to work, Dad is looking after her younger brother, they are trying to make do with the things they have in the house and find new ways to be creative. They decide to make a rainbow like so many other families. Each colour reminds the girl of someone or something and it becomes a very special piece of artwork that she is proud to display in her window.

Full of heartfelt, honest words, this story is incredibly touching and one that will last for a long time. My own children would like to keep it for when they have children of their own and they tell them about the pandemic of 2020 and what things were like when they were young. It focuses on community and our common experience. With messages of hope and everyone pulling together to face new challenges, it is a reflection of the very special time when the world stood still.

“All rainstorms must end, and this rainstorm will, too.”

Thank you to Bloomsbury Children’s Books and NetGalley for this very special book!

During lockdown, my 12-year-old daughter was a part of Gareth Malone’s Great British Home Chorus. Every day she would meet on-line with thousands of other members to sing together and be encouraged by Gareth Malone and the power of music. Their songs reflected the hope they shared.

Their first song was “You are My Sunshine” and their finale was “Another Storm” – an incredibly powerful song written by 16-year-old Rae-Kwan and Gareth Malone.  This choir beautifully expressed the feelings of the nation and we’re very proud of Charlie for being a part of it. This is just another storm. It must end. We will rebuild together.

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