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The Book of Selkie by Briana Corr Scott

The Book of Selkie by Canadian author Briana Corr Scott is an absolutely gorgeous poetry picture book explaining the mystical creature of the sea – the Selkie. With rich, earthy colours and water that shimmers like gems, the illustrations draw readers in with a magical charm. A spell is cast as we enter the world of this part-seal, part-girl from North Atlantic folklore.

Through poetic rhyme, the details of a Selkie’s day are painted across the pages. Her home, routine, food and magic are shared in the hopes that the reader might one day be lucky enough to spot a Selkie for themselves. The links between a Selkie’s beauty and the natural world are enchanting ~ a voice deep inside calls her back to the land, she gathers up the salt fog, she sings as she roams the dunes…yearning to return to the sea.

The quiet, generous, happy life of the Selkie inspires readers to live closer to the land and appreciate the beauty around us. Perhaps one day, we might come close to a Selkie and feel the magic for ourselves.

There is an extra treat in this book with a paper doll, clothing and seal to play with. Readers will lose themselves in the legend of the Selkie.

Click here to visit Briana Corr Scott’s website for more information.

Thank you to Nimbus Publishing and NetGalley for this beautiful book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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