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Sneaky Beak by Tracey Corderoy & illustrated by Tony Neal

Sneaky Beak is an absolute joy to read! Its bright colours, larger than life characters and silly rhymes combine to create a book full of laughs, giggles and a loud “Oh No!”

Bear and Hamster are quite content. They enjoy what they have and the time they spend together. Then, one day, a television advert for the bounciest bed changes everything!  Sneaky Beak, the sneakiest, silliest salesman in town,  is selling the best bed ever and through the power of his persuasive advertisements (and his bounce test bunnies), he convinces Bear to buy all sorts of things he doesn’t really need.

This story causes the reader to think carefully about what they have and where their happiness comes from. What really makes us happy? Is it our belongings or is it our friends? A powerful lesson in contentment shows readers that we don’t always need the next big thing; who we are and who we spend time with is much more important.

This is a brilliant book for playing with language. The rhyme of Sneaky Beak’s patter, the use of alliteration and onomatopoeia, fantastic vocabulary and clever expressions provides so much for children to explore with their parents or teachers. Tony Neal’s engaging illustrations make this a real page turner with something new to investigate on every page.

Sneaky Beak could happily find a home in any primary classroom. With opportunities to develop persuasive language and discuss the power of advertisements, it makes a fantastic class text. The PSHE concepts of needs vs wants, priorities, values, contentment and friendship are perfect for helping children to think about what is really important in life. I can also imagine using Sneaky Beak with my Brownie unit. They would love the silly characters and it would be a great way in to so many of our activities.

More than anything, this is a book to make you smile. With fun characters and amazing adventures, it will definitely be read again and again.  

Thank you to Little Tiger Press for this brilliant book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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