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The Longest Night of Charlie Noon by Christopher Edge

Once upon a time… or once upon a now… Time has so much meaning and sometimes none at all. When Charlie, Dizzy and Johnny become lost in the woods, their night of adventure and mystery gives time an entirely new meaning.

This is a book of the unknown – of puzzles, codes, hints and ciphers. Nothing is clear and everything is shrouded in possibility. Anyone who is interested in symbols, Morse code, reading the stars, the Enigma machine, semaphore and other communication skills will find each plot development fascinating and thoroughly enjoy searching for meaning in the pages. Scouting and survival skills are key to the children’s efforts to make it through the night. This is not an easy challenge. Each step brings consequences and even more questions about where they are and if they will ever make it home.

The lessons of this story are incredibly powerful. Nobody gets to choose the time in which we live but we shape our time and the future with every action we take. Readers will come to see that how they choose to live now will have intense consequences for their future. Choices, potential and what we value are key as we all take steps towards who we might become. The mark we leave on the world starts now as we take steps to discover who we really are. We don’t know what lies ahead but if we are true to ourselves and follow the clues, we will decipher our path, potential and future.

My own Charlie, along with her brother and sister, really enjoyed watching author Christopher Edge talking about The Longest Night of Charlie Noon and giving some code breaking tips on the on-line Hay Festival. It is still available to watch here.

The Longest Night of Charlie Noon was published by Nosy Crow.

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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