Book Review, Picture Books

You Are Special by Sam Loman

Kiki is a beautiful, white cat. She’s absolutely adorable but doesn’t feel special like the other brightly-coloured animals she knows. More than anything, she wishes she could be colourful like her friends.

On each page, Kiki tries to add a bit of pencil, ink or paint to improve her appearance. Unfortunately, the other animals just aren’t very interested. Maybe she just isn’t special.

In the end, Kiki and her brother Goof, a mischievous black cat, turn to their mum for reassurance. She loves them and thinks they are very special – just the way they are. This book is an appealing lesson in self-confidence and loving yourself as you are – not feeling like you need to change to fit in or to please anyone else.

Young children will be drawn in by the friendly illustrations and brightly coloured pages. Thinking back to when my own children were tiny, I can imagine which pages would be their favourites and how much they would giggle along with the exploits of these playful kittens!

Thank you to Sam Loman and NetGalley for this sweet book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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