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Rex The Rhinoceros Beetle by M.G. Leonard & illustrated by Duncan Beedie

Rex is a wonderful rhinoceros beetle who would love to be as fearless and as strong as his friend, Buster. Buster has so many big stories about all of his rainforest adventures and Rex is in absolute awe of him. However, Buster might not actually be as brave as he seems.  Will Rex be able to summon his strength and show that he can be mighty too?

With amazing rhinoceros beetle facts and tips for looking after insects, this book is the perfect hook for an EYFS or KS1 topic about mini beasts. M.G. Leonard’s love of beetles shines through with the detail and description of the story. The language is fantastic with endless opportunities to play with similes, alliteration, exclamations, exaggeration and BIG vocabulary. Children will love befriending Rex and maybe even writing their own stories of his adventures.

Inspired by Duncan Beedie’s fun and incredibly engaging illustrations, readers won’t be able to help having a go at drawing their own friendly beetles.  The colours leap off the page with these new characters who are sure to become family favourites.

Rex The Rhinoceros Beetle is wonderful book for home or school and is destined to be read again and again!

Thank you to Scholastic for this gorgeous book! I can’t wait to share it with more children!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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