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Do Not Disturb the Dragons by Michelle Robinson & illustrated by Sharon Davey

Girls can do anything and Grace is determined to prove it! Never mind the rules – 947 of them to be precise – telling her all of the things she can’t do! Do not climb the castle turrets, do not lie to the king, do not stay in the bath until your skin goes wrinkly and, most importantly, Do Not Disturb the Dragons! Rules were made to be broken so Grace and her sister, Portia, set off on an adventure that challenges everything they’ve ever been told.

The two brave and curious princesses want nothing more than to ride a unicorn, wear a suit of armour and play in a troll-o tournament. With the help of their friend Bram, a shape-shifting imp, they decide to break the rules and follow their dreams. At first everything seems brilliant but soon things don’t goes as expected and something is wrong with the dragons that live on top of the castle! Have the girls ruined everything?

Set in the magical land of Wondermere, this fantastically enchanting story is full of dragons, unicorns, trolls, imps, goblins, witches and many other wonderful creatures. At every turn, there is someone new to meet and another amazing spell or magical object to explore. The forest market is absolutely fascinating and there is no end to the laugh out loud, silly incidents. Children will love the creative word choices and the suitably gross references to poo and Bram’s infamous dung heap.

Michelle Robinson and Sharon Davey have created a world where challenging the norm, believing in yourself and trying something new are all things to be encouraged and celebrated. The message of this brilliant book is one of fun and tapping into your own power and strength. It is sure to become a favourite with children, parents and teachers alike!

Do Not Disturb the Dragons will be published in July 2020 by Bloomsbury Children’s Books. Thank you to NetGalley for this incredibly fun book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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