Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

The Titanic Tunnel by Glen Blackwell

Glen Blackwell has a unique approach to historical fiction for middle grade readers. Taking his readers back in time with his characters, children are able to experience what life in the past was like from a modern perspective. In The Titanic Tunnel, readers find themselves on that great ship, haunted by an ominous feeling. We already know something terrible is going to happen but will our characters escape from the ship in time?

Jack and Emmie are on a school trip to Belfast to see where the Titanic was built. While there, they become separated from the rest of their class and end up onboard the Titanic over one hundred years in the past. As the infamous date draws closer, they must find a way to help some of the passengers before they’ll be able to leave.

This story paints a picture of life in 1912 – the real people who travelled on the Titanic, the class system they lived in and the technology that structured their lives. Fascinating details about food, accommodation, work, and expectations for behaviour round out the story making this a great class read to accompany a historical topic.

There is something about the Titanic that captivates people. The Titanic Tunnel will build on that intrigue, answer some questions and leave readers wanting to find out even more.

Thank you to Glen Blackwell for a copy of this fascinating book!

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