Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

A Flash of Fireflies by Aisha Bushby

I sat down to make a start on A Flash of Fireflies and ended up reading the entire thing. I was completely drawn in by the magic and mystery of this unique story – a completely enchanting twist on fairy tales, forests and witches.

Hazel’s world is turned upside-down. Sent on her own from Kuwait to England while her parents prepare for the family’s move, she must find a way to settle into a new life with her very old fashioned Great Aunt. Everything is different and to make things worse, she has to go to summer school.

Their summer school topic is “fairy tales” and all the themes and typical tropes that go along with these familiar tales. As Hazel and her new friend, Ruby, research the dark forests, curses and enchantments of these stories, she finds herself being pulled into her own magical adventure. She must find away to complete the quest set out for her by the terrifying creatures who draw her in. As she learns to battle the darkness, she realises that she is the one in control and she has strength she never imagined.

Themes of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and seeking support for difficulties are cleverly woven into this story of self-discovery. Children in Years 5-8 would thoroughly enjoy it and take away so much food for thought.

Thank you to Farshore Books and NetGalleyUK for this engaging story!

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