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Happy Sad by Pippa Goodhart & Augusta Kirkwood ~ Blog Tour

Even when life is fun, full of friends and absolutely joyful, we can still have mixed-emotions – the feeling of being Happy Sad.

Toby learns about this feeling when he meets a stranded mermaid in a rock pool near his home by the sea. He takes her to his house and looks after her the very best he can. The mermaid loves it there but she still misses her friends in the sea. No matter what Toby does, he can’t replicate the life she’s left behind. The mermaid is “Happy Sad”.

It is only when Toby imagines going to live with the mermaid in the sea and leaving his own family behind on land that he realises how she feels. He is able to empathise with feeling Happy Sad.

Young readers will take this emotional journey with Toby as they come realise when people might feel this way. My own children recognised “Happy Sad” as what they experience when they return from Canada after visiting their grandparents. They’re happy to be going home but so sad to be leaving loved ones.

Augusta Kirkwood’s illustrations are beautiful and so engaging. The flow of the sea and the magic of the mermaid sweep across the pages building a sense of kindness and friendship.

Thank you to Little Door Books for this lovely, empathy-building book!

Don’t miss the rest of the blog tour for Happy Sad!

Happy Sad published by Little Door Books is out on 6th June.

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