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A Head Full of Magic by Sarah Morrell ~ Blog Tour

Fleur is used to balancing her two different cultures from her English Mum to her West Indian Nan but when she discovers that she can talk to animals she finds herself in a whole new world! Can her new powers help her take down Celeste ‘The Best’ the hockey-loving, ankle-smashing new girl, once and for all?

A Head Full of Magic is the fun, heart-felt middle grade debut from author Sarah Morrell.

10-year-old Fleur is having a hard time – her Grandpa Willie has passed away, her dad has disappeared and new girl Celeste is making her life miserable. To top it all off, strange things have been happening. Can she really hear birds talking to her or is she imagining things? Little by little, Fleur learns she is a Hexter – a person with a very special kind of magic. More specifically, she is an Animalator who can talk to animals and her Nan’s cheeky parrot Sir Barclay is determined to make sure she practises her new skills!

Strong PSHE themes run through this story as Fleur’s friends are wooed by the new girl and abandon her, deciding books and chess are boring and they don’t want to spend time with her anymore. She faces bullying and the horrible feeling of being left out of fun activities. Fleur must learn to stand up for herself and accept her identity rather than run from it. Family dynamics also come into play as the whole family comes to terms with the death of her grandfather, the newness of Nan moving in (with Sir Barclay) and the disappearance of her father. Why did he leave? Will he come back? Fleur has so many questions and turns to Nan for answers. This cross-generational relationship is key to working out who she is and who she can trust.

Young readers will be engaged by Fleur’s journey, wanting to give her advice and shout at the girls who are leaving her behind. Teachers will find this book a useful resource for promoting discussions about relationships and helping children cope in similar situations.

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Thank you to Helen Lewis at Hashtag Press and Sara Morrell for this meaningful book!

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