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The Hunt for David Berman by Claire Mulligan ~ Blog Tour

The Hunt for David Berman is a gripping middle grade novel about the adventurous spirit of two young boys who don’t realise just how brave they can be.

It’s 1940 and 11-year-old Robert has been evacuated from London to his grandparents’ farm in Scotland. He loves walking in his father’s childhood footsteps – sleeping in his bed, listening to his grandad’s stories and exploring the caves in the cliffs along the coastline. He doesn’t like the fact that his dad is away fighting and his mum is working as a WREN. He misses his family and just wants them to all be together again.

While exploring the caves near Tor Head Farm, Robert comes across the unexpected. It isn’t pirates, smugglers or treasure but a young boy. David came across to Scotland from Germany as a Kindertransport child. Placed with a cruel foster family, he felt he had no choice but to run away. Hiding in the caves, David is terrified of being found out.

Robert is confused – Germans are the baddies, aren’t they? They’re the ones fighting his dad and causing this horrible war. Is there any way he can trust his only friend? As Robert provides David with food and warm blankets, they learn to trust each other. They have far more in common than they are different.

Neither David nor Robert realise that David is carrying some actual treasure – an Enigma codebook smuggled out of Germany in the lining of his suitcase. Not only that, but there is a Nazi secret agent who wants it back!

Powerful and emotional, The Hunt for David Berman is sure to join the growing collection of engaging Second World War stories for children that reveal the courage and resilience of the ordinary people who lived through this challenging time.

Thank you to Catherine Ward PR for this beautiful book!

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