Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

Magicborn by Peter Bunzl

Shapeshifting creatures, unknown powers, a twin connection and a enchanted forest that leads to Fairyland… Peter Bunzl has created a wonderfully classical tale that celebrates magic, family and finding out who you are.

Tempest only remembers bits of her past. Living near the river with her two adoptive fathers brings her so much happiness. She knows something significant happened to her the day of the Almost Drowning and there is magic to beware of on the other side of the river but so much of her life is a mystery.

When Lord Hawthorn, the Royal Sorcerer of England, arrives at her home and convinces her to take him to the other side of the river in her fathers’ ferry, Tempest finds herself mixed up in a dangerous curse. Who is this Wild Boy Lord Hawthorn is searching for? What does he want with with magicborn children? What are these powers that are growing inside them both?

More powerful together than they ever were on their own, Tempest and Thomas search for answers that will not only reveal what Lord Hawthorn wants with them, but the truth about their pasts as well.

Magicborn is a fantastic addition to Peter Bunzl’s collection of incredible adventures with unique elements of fantasy and intrigue. This new series is sure to be as popular a Cogheart. Aimed at age 9+, this would make a gripping class read aloud.

Thank you to Jessica Feichtlbauer at Usborne for this amazing book!

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