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Contemporary Children’s Literature for Years 5-6 (from the Developing Reading Comprehension Skills series)

Contemporary Children’s Literature: Years 5-6 – Book 5 in the Developing Reading Comprehension Skills series is available now! Featuring some of the best recent middle grade publications, it is packed full of reading lessons that are sure to capture children’s imaginations and leave them wanting to read more.

Developing Reading Comprehension Skills is a series of eight reading comprehension books for teachers and children, focusing on high-quality literature and the full range of question types in the reading content domains for Key Stage Two. This series gives children opportunities to tackle more complex vocabulary, explore how authors use language to impact their readers and develop endurance for longer passages.  

Book 6 – Contemporary Children’s Literature: Years 3-4 is available for pre-order now.

A huge thank you to the publishers who granted permission for these fantastic extracts.

Click on the covers below or follow the links to place orders with Brilliant Publications or Amazon.

Brilliant Publications

Also in this series:

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