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The Tide Singer by Eloise Williams & illustrated by August Ro

The Tide Singer is a stunning intertwining of Welsh folklore and gripping adventure. Written by the incredible Eloise Williams, we’d expect nothing less, but combined with the powerful style of Barrington Stoke, this is a one-of-a-kind story of the wild unknown.

Morwenna is no ordinary girl. She and her father live near the sea, running the funeral parlour and acting as cemetery keepers for the island graveyard not far from shore. Morewenna takes comfort in the power of the sea and the gentleness she finds in death. As she tends to the graves, chats to those buried there and leaves candles to light their way, she finds life in the birds, animals and plants.

One night, the worst storm Morwenna has ever known unleashes the power of the waves. Ships are lost and lives threatened. An unusual young girl washes up on shore. Could she be one of the legendary sea creatures who charm storms with their singing? An unlikely friendship develops between the two girls as Morwenna attempts to show the townspeople that the two communities are stronger together.

The magic of the sea runs through this dark story speckled with light. It is so wonderful to find a more grown-up tale that is both engaging and accessible. The dyslexia-friendly style, font, spacing and page tint combined with specially selected vocabulary mean that so many children can enjoy these brilliant stories.

Thank you to Barrington Stoke for this fantastic book!

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