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Magnificent Non-Fiction

World Book Day is for non-fiction too! I’ll always remember the year my son dressed up as an astronaut and took his favourite space book into Year One to share.

Here is a collection of some brilliant non-fiction that should find a place in every school library:

How to Make a Book by Becky Davies & Patricia Hu (Little Tiger)

A book about how a book is made featuring…. this very book! What a clever idea for non-fiction! Readers can follow the creation of a new book from the very first author idea to the moment it’s placed on a book shelf for children to read. The relationships between the author, illustrator, editor and the rest of the publishing team are highlighted with a “behind the scenes” glimpse at everything that has to come together when a book is made. Even the author rejection emails are included, along with happy dances and biscuits when things are going well, giving the story of the book such a personal feel. So many decisions and processes go into the making a book – children (and adults) are sure to be surprised and fascinated by every step.

So You Think You’ve Got it Bad? by Chae Strathie & Marisa Morea (Nosy Crow)

As long as there have been people, there have been kids. So You Think You’ve Got it Bad? explores the time before photos, videos or even writing and what it would have been like for the children who lived then. Created in partnership with The British Museum, this is a trustworthy source of information (although some very literal children may need to be reminded of the humour).

Written in a fun. engaging style, each section follows a topic through the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman Britain. Topics include “Clothes and Hairstyles”, “The Home”, “Education and Work”, “Diet”, “Health and Medicine”, “Gods and Religion”, “Myths and Legends”, “Fun and Games” and “The Beginning of Written History”. Each page is packed full of information focussing on kids and their relationships with their families.

How to Help a Hedgehog and Protect a Polar Bear by Dr Jess French & Angela Keoghan (Nosy Crow)

Nosy Crow has been creating some absolutely beautiful, high-quality books in partnership with The National Trust.

How to Help a Hedgehog and Protect a Polar Bear is another fantastic book children can use as a field guide when out an about or to learn about animals and their habitats a bit further away. So many children want to help save the planet – this book is full of practical activities they can do to really make a difference.

Each section includes the description of a habitat, a species fact file and “How You Can Help”. Children will feel inspired and empowered to help the animals they love.

Habitats included: Gardens, Hedgerows, Heathlands, Woodlands, Highlands, Wetlands, Freshwater, Coastlines, Oceans, Savannahs, Jungles, Mountains.

Beyond Belief: The Science of the Future by Alex Woolf & Jasmine Floyd (Little Tiger)

Beyond Belief is a book for slightly older readers (UKS2 / KS3) who want to explore where science is going in the future. From colonies in space to more advanced artificial intelligence, there is so much potential to explore our world in new ways.

Is time travel possible? Will robots take over the world? Can we become invisible? Could we clone humans? Kids have so many questions and this book answers them respectfully but in child-friendly language. It doesn’t shy away from technical vocabulary but gives solid explanations of some tricky concepts. This book is sure to inspire future scientists and spark some new ideas for the future!

Atoms by John Devolle (Pushkin Children’s)

This non-fiction picture book is a great introduction to physics for young children. Through big, bright illustrations, readers will be able to see that atoms really do make up everything. Children LOVE big numbers so the mention of a QUINTILLION and an OCTILLION will blow their minds! From the human body to stars in space, children will develop an understanding of atoms, how important they are, and the fact that we’re all made of stardust.

A huge thank you to Nosy Crow, Little Tiger & Pushkin Children’s for these fantastic books!

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