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Grandpa Frank’s Great Big Bucket List by Jenny Pearson ~ Blog Tour

It’s my stop on Grandpa Frank’s Great Big Blog Tour and I’m so pleased to welcome author Jenny Pearson with a special guest post!

Let’s hear it for the older generation!

I love writing grandparent characters and I think that is because I had four absolute belters of grandparents of my own. I am very lucky to still have two of my grandparents, Brenda and John. They are both in their 90s and still very active. Brenda volunteers at a charity shop (partly to get her hands on the best bargains) and can often be seen pushing a shopping trolley at an ‘alarming pace’ around Waitrose. John, an ex-military man, still works on his allotment and every November, stands for hours in his army uniform collecting money for Help for Heroes.

I have taken a look at some more inspirational older people that I think we all can learn a lot from.

Fouja Singh – World Record Holding Runner

Born in 1911 Singh is a British Sikh and Supercentarian! Singh did not walk until he was five years old. As he got older he was often teased about his legs. They were thin and weak, and he could hardly walk long distances. As a young man, Singh began running but gave it up at the time of the Partition of India. At 89 years (!!!), he took seriously to running and ended up in international marathon events. Singh completed a marathon in 6 hours and 54 minutes when he was 93!! This knocked 58 minutes off the previous world best for anyone in the 90-plus age bracket.

Grandma Williams – Blogger and Anti-ageist Activist

Eighty-year-old grandmother Joyce Williams has taken up blogging to document her life and experiences of everyday ageism. Her attitude to ageing is inspiring, as she fights back against the often negative image of later life.

Sumiko Iwamura – professional DJ

During the day Iwamura serves food in her restaurant, but by night she transforms into the music sensation that is DJ Sumirock and brings the tunes to the dancefloor! At 83, she is the oldest professional DJ! Can I hear a Whoop Whoop?!

Dicky Borthwick- Soccer Legend

Dicky Borthwick aka The Tank, started playing football two years after the second world war, when he was 12, and hasn’t hung up his studs since. He might not have made it in the big leagues but at 83, Dicky is the oldest player in England. Dicky has played around 1600 games and scored over 400 goals, primarily as a left winger. Dicky says, ‘When I go on the pitch, I always say to the opposition, ‘I’m getting on a bit, but treat me as a normal player. Tackle me hard, I don’t mind, because I’ll be doing it to you.’ 

Hamako Mori- the “Gamer Grandma’

Mori, who played her first video game in 1981, had been playing video games for 40 decades is now officially recognised as the oldest gaming YouTuber in the world at 90. She is admired by many young fans for her sick skills!

My Review:

Jenny Pearson is the queen of comedy writing that bursts with empathy and a whole lot of heart! Grandpa Frank’s Great Big Bucket List highlights the value of cross-generational relationships and how rewarding it is to look after someone else. Hilarious and touching, this is a book to smile through.

With a dying grandmother’s last request, a grandfather he never knew he had and a whole heap of money, Frank Davenport’s life is about to change forever!

Anyone would think a huge inheritance would make life easier but when Frank’s parents, who struggle with their own finances, insist there must be a mistake and his Dad should inherit the money instead, Frank has to come up with a plan to keep hold of every penny and use it for what it was intended – looking after his grandpa. He decides the best way to do this is to create a bucket list – a list of amazing, exhilarating, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that Grandpa will never forget.

Cue laughable mishaps, exciting adventures and some really tender moments as Frank gets to know his grouchy yet charming grandpa. Their relationship proves to be something very special. Will they be able to keep ticking items off the bucket list until they reach the final goal – repairing their family – or will it all go catastrophically wrong?

Don’t miss this wonderful third book from Jenny Pearson – a great accompaniment to The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates & The Incredible Record Smashers!

Thank you to Usborne for this incredible book!

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