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What’s New Harper Drew? by Kathy Weeks ~ Blog Tour

Harper Drew’s diary of her chaotic summer will have readers laughing out loud. From a dream birthday party to a disastrous family holiday to a long-awaited invitation to Maisie’s epic glamping festival, life is never dull for Harper and her friends.

Harper is so observant, commenting on all the little details of life that matter so much to children. All of this adds up to the Drew Dial of Bizarre Behaviour – scoring friends and family based on all the odd, weird and totally ridiculous things that go on around her. Her sweet, younger brother is only 3/10 while her Dad is a full-on 9/10. With all of the hilarious things he gets up to, it’s not surprising!

In the midst of the chaos, all Harper really wants is to raise enough money for a stairlift at school. Her best friend since she was born, Edward, has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair. He’s missing out on things because places don’t have appropriate access for him. If Harper can just raise £5500, Edward will be able to do so much more but fundraising is not as easy as it seems!

BG Quality Pick & Mix Sweets - Large Retro Candy Assortment,1kg Pouch Pick n Mix Non-Fizzy

This family is a real pick ‘n’ mix of characters. Each has their own eccentricities making every day completely unpredictable!

Harper is a fizzy cola bottle: strong, bubbly, mostly sweet but sometimes a bit too fizzy to handle.

Troy, her annoying older brother, is a sherbet flying saucer: Looks great on the outside, loved by everyone but disappointing in the end.

Her dad is popping candy: Seems quite normal but without any warning causes chaos and mayhem and explosions. Everywhere.

Which pick ‘n’ mix sweets do you have in your family?

I think I live with a rainbow belt, a white chocolate star with sprinkles, a gummy bear and an orange jellybean!

Thank you to Hachette Kids & Hannah Bradridge for this fun book!

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