Book Review, Middle Grade Fiction

Song of the River by Gill Lewis

Song of the River is another fantastic, heart-felt story from Gill Lewis and Barrington Stoke. The power of the river reflects the power of Cari’s emotions as she comes to terms with the loss of her dad and her new life in the countryside.

Mum is trying to follow her dreams with a cottage and café next to a river. The beauty of their surroundings are soothing. Things seem to be looking up until a threatening storm arrives and the voice of the river changes.

Cari realises that if she follows in her dad’s footsteps as a photographer, she might find another way to see things and the raging river inside her might calm too. The plan to reintroduce beavers into the area gives her focus and brings her into the heart of the community.

Gill Lewis skilfully combines suffering with the healing power of nature. Away from the setting where they’ve experienced hurt, young people find a fresh start and a new perspective that makes all the difference.

A super-readable book from Barrington Stoke, the accessible font, text size, spacing and page tint mean everyone can benefit from this affirming story.

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