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Two Bears by Patricia Hegarty & Rotem Teplow

Two Bears is a beautiful fiction/non-fiction picture book sharing the similarities and differences between polar bears and grizzly bears. The gorgeous illustrations and powerful story of conservation takes me back to my home country of Canada where bears still roam in the wild and need to be protected.

The polar bears in the north and the grizzly bears a bit further south have so much in common – their land and way of life is in danger. The impact of humans is destroying their habitat making it difficult for them to survive.

The new hybrid species of bear introduced in the book sounds very special. This would be such a wonderful thing to see although it’s essential to remember to give these majestic animals their space – something my own children learned in Canada when we spotted a black bear at the side of the highway. We kept our distance and used a lot of zoom to take a photo.

Teachers will find this book absolutely fantastic for making comparisons. Identifying all that the bears have in common while spotting their differences is such an important skill that children will love practising with this lovely book.

The Bears on the Brink section at the back of the book is so helpful for filling in the facts behind the story with tips for how we can help too.

Thank you to Little Tiger for this wonderful book!

Click on the covers below to find out more or purchase on-line from or Amazon.

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