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The Imagination Thief by David Oates ~ Blog Tour

The Imagination Thief is a fantastically fun story about keeping imagination alive and only growing up when absolutely necessary. Bursting with surprises and creatures only children could create, it takes readers on a fast-paced adventure through a magical world.

Eva loves her imaginary friend, Wonder Unicorn, and all the good times they have together. Her brother, Toby, is growing up. His imaginary friend is gone and he doesn’t appreciate Eva’s silly games. One day, he sees Eva and her unicorn (!!!) being dragged into a large, dark portal. After recovering from shock, he tries to help them but finds himself pulled in as well! What is going on?!

They wake up in a strange forest surrounded by all sorts of unusual creatures: a Bumblebunny, a Hippocrocopig and Yeti Spaghetti. These are members of the Imaginary Friend Alliance. They’re fighting a terrible villain – The Imagination Thief! As they defend a world with the creativity of children everywhere, Toby comes to realise exactly what happened to his own imaginary friend all those years ago.

This story is perfect for children in Lower Key Stage Two, celebrating the joy of imaginary friends and holding onto childhood wonders for as long as possible. Readers are sure to love the brilliant combination animals (the Bumblebunny is fab!) and urge Eva and Toby on as they do all they can to defeat the Imagination Thief.

Thank you to Emira Press for this fun new book that published on 9th December 2021. Watch for the rest of the blog tour in the run up to Christmas!

Click on the book covers below to find out more or to order from Emira Press or Amazon.

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