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The Girl Who Talked to Trees by Natasha Farrant & Lydia Corry ~ Blog Tour

“Sometimes, if you listen carefully, it’s almost as though you can hear voices among the trees.

One day – it is said – they will grant a wish… to the right person.”

Every tree has a story to tell. That’s what Olive discovers when she sets out to save her best friend – the 400-year-old oak tree in the meadow behind her house. Her father wants to build a new summer house right where the tree stands. When she stands up to him, he makes her a deal – if she can think of something more impressive than his summerhouse, he will not cut down the oak.

Olive runs out into the meadow, determined to find the answer. She calls on her tree to help and as she drifts off to sleep under its comforting branches, the most magnificent stories come to her.

Every hour, for seven hours, Olive is carried away to another time, another place, to hear the stories of the trees. Each unique story from around the world connects Olive to the trees she loves. With a traditional feel, these tales remind us that trees have always been at the centre of human existence. They provide adventure, joy, peace, life… without them, we would be lost. Rich illustrations add to the wonder and beauty of the stories. Each tree looks strong and full of natural goodness. The colours are so appealing, creating lands the reader will long to dive into.

At the end of the day, Olive returns to her family and tells them the stories of the magnificent trees. She speaks of a changing landscape, the value of the trees and the responsibility we all have to protect them. This is the message for every reader. We can all be the ones who talk to trees.

This is a beautiful, hard-back book that will make a lovely gift. Readers who enjoy traditional stories and a connection to nature will soon be lost in its pages.

Thank you to Zephyr Books and Laura Smythe PR for this special book.

NATASHA FARRANT is a writer and literary scout. She is the author of Costa Children’s Book Award winner Voyage of the Sparrowhawk, (Faber, 2020) and other novels. She lives in London with her family. Find out more at @NatashaFarrant1

LYDIA CORRY is a graduate of the Royal College of Art. Her publishing debut was Eight Princesses and a Magic Mirror, written by Natasha Farrant (Zephyr). She lives with her family in Hastings. Find out more at @lydiacorryillustration 

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