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Christmas Gifts with a Difference

Books make the best gifts and 2021 has been overflowing with so many wonderful choices! I’m excited to bring you some of Liz Scott’s recent favourites.

Here are her choices for under the tree…

The Lights that Dance in the Night by Yuval Zommer

Oxford University Press, Age 2+

‘Completing Yuval’s ‘winter trilogy’ with a celebration of the Northern Lights. From tiny specs of dust to gleaming rays in the dark, the Northern Lights travel across the Arctic, uniting every creature in a celebration that reverberates through land and sea. A wintery wonderland illustrated in Yuval’s compelling style.’

A Song in the Mist by Corinne Averiss, illustrated by Fiona Woodcock

Oxford University Press, Age 2+

‘From the award-winning author of A Dot in the Snow, this is a lyrical story of Chi the panda and a young boy. About overcoming shyness and the joy of making friends, set in the remote landscape of the panda’s forest world.’

Pippi Longstocking, gift edition by Astrid Lindgren, illustrated by Lauren Child

Oxford University Press, Age 5+

‘A stunning new edition celebrating the strongest girl in the world, illustrated by former Children’s Laureate Lauren Child. A must-have gift for every fan.’

Roald Dahl’s Beastly and Bewildering Words & Roald Dahl’s Scrumptious and Delumptious Words

Oxford University Press, Age 7+

‘Packed with wordy snippets from Roald Dahl’s stories, from the delunctuous to the yucksome. The perfect gift to get children writing creatively and building their words with confidence. While laughing their heads off!’

Roar like a Lion by Carlie Sorosiak, illustrated by Katie Walker

David Fickling Books, Age 7+

‘The first non-fiction book from the best-selling author of I, Cosmo. Roar Like a Lion is a book about resilience, kindness and individuality, showing children how they can be welcoming like the wombat, how to embrace their creativity like the chimpanzee, and how to roar with the confidence of a lion. A beautifully illustrated gift!’

Full of heart, wisdom and humour . . . packed full of inspiration‘ Hannah Gold

Utterly Dark and the Face of the Deep by Philip Reeve

David Fickling Books, Age 9+

‘A middle grade novel full of mystery, delight and the rich language and immersive worldbuilding that you’d expect from Philip Reeve.’
Absolutely extraordinary writing, like Charles Dickens writing Ursula K Le Guin‘ Ross Montgomery

Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis, 10th anniversary edition

Oxford University Press, Age 10+

‘Not strictly new but with a glorious new cover and an introduction from Gill on the conservation success story of the Ospreys over the 10 years since the publication of Sky Hawk. I re-read this edition and it is as evocative and moving as it was on the first read! Set in the winter wilds of the Scottish Highlands.’

Ghost Bird by Lisa Fuller

Old Barn Books, YA

‘The debut YA novel from First Nations Australian author Lisa Fuller. Ghost Bird is the story of twins Stacey and Laney; moving and thrilling, and influenced by the spiritual beliefs of Lisa’s First Nations community. This story brings an insight into Lisa’s own close-knit community and it feels as though there is really nothing like it published in the UK!
Set in the blistering heat of Australia – so not exactly wintery – but very much a tense, spooky, dark read perfect for cosy nights.’

Click on the book covers below to find out more or order on-line:

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