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Bob the Bear’s Adventures by Alice Chambers

Bob the Bear’s Adventures by Kindergarten manager & author Alice Chambers is a sweet book about friendship and all the fun little ones can have in their garden.

Everyone loves hide and seek, especially with their teddy bear friends. This story will inspire young children to take their games outside and enjoy imaginative play. Every time Bob hides, they’ll love searching for him on the page while developing key vocabulary.

Bob the Bear loves hide and seek but unfortunately, he isn’t very good at it. No matter where he hides, he’s still visible – much like when preschoolers play. I’ll always remember my own daughter playing hide and seek with her grandpa and trying to hide behind a very narrow tree. He “looked and looked” for ages without finding her while she giggled away, thrilled with her brilliant hiding spot.

With simple, straight-forward text and colourful photographs, Bob the Bear’s Adventures is accessible for very young children. It would be perfect to share at a nursery or childcare setting when learning about games, fair play and the outdoors.

Thank you to Alice Chambers and Literally PR for this lovely book!

Click on the cover below to find out more or purchase on-line from Amazon.

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